Euthopia has a range of training options for psychomotor family therapy, PMFT.

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English Courses psychomotor family therapy (only in-company)

Our in-company courses are bespoke training programmes designed to meet your organisation’s needs. As an example our three-day training;

3 day PMFT

Do you also feel that you sometimes would like families to experience more in therapy?

Marco Visser and Bruno Hillewaere build a bridge between family therapy and psychomotor therapy. Between the non-verbal and the dialogic family-therapy.

This three-day training is designed for therapists who work with families and for psychomotor therapists, and very good for those who want to collaborate together in this.

Day 1

The participants receive a basis from systemic thinking and the theoretical basis of the PMFT.

In addition, there are many practical examples and there is a lot of interaction and dialogue with the group.

Day 2

On the second day, participants will gain a lot of experience in inventing and offering psychomotor activities for families. Therapists will demonstrate how they interact with each other and with the family. We will practice a lot with each other.

Day 3

This third day we will mainly practice with case studies of the group and we will make space for further in-depth questions about PMFT. We will create some time how PMFT can be implemented at your own work context.

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