Samenwerken en plezier

Psychomotoric family therapy (PMFT) is a family treatment where the therapeuticwork is taking place in the here-and-now interaction (enactment). By offering the family movement-oriented and body-oriented exercises from the psychomotor therapy they can work on their own goals . In this and looking at the mutual relationships (systemic) often gives families and therapists other possibilities for process and change.

The characteristic of PMFT is that family members do not (so much) have to talk to each other about the concerns that they have. The family members can gain new experiences and practice with alternative and more helpful ways of interacting with each other.

PMFT is a combination of psychomotor therapy and system / family therapy. This therapy is therefore given by two therapists; a family therapist and a psychomotor therapist.


Vertrouwen op elkaar
Trust each other

Explanation of the exercise